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This catheter care training course illustrates these points to maximise the benefits and minimise the problems of catheterisation.

Good catheter care involves good hygiene, observation, monitoring well-being and prevention of issues associated with catheterisation. By the end of this catheter course training, attendees will be familiar with reasons for catheterisation, the equipment selection and the theory of catheter removal.

Course Summary

The syllabus covers such topics as:

  • Why Catheterise?
  • Male & Female anatomy
  • Advantages and risks associated with catheterisation
  • Risk of infection and infection control
  • Catheter drainage options
  • Catheter attachment methods
  • Catheter maintenance solution
  • Obtaining specimens
  • The importance of hydration
  • Catheter positioning (post procedure)

Face to Face Training

  • Max attendees: 15
  • Course length: ½ day

This course can be tailored to meet your specific requirements.


Webinar Training

  • Max attendees: 20
  • Single session: 2 hours

Tutor lead webinars delivering theory based learning. Any practical elements are demonstrated via instructional videos.


Make an enquiry

To make a booking – or for further course details – please contact us on telephone: 029 20 494969. You can also write to us for more information about all of our healthcare training courses.