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Complex Care

At Acute Training Solutions, we have a wealth of experience providing bespoke training packages for families and staff involved in complex care.


A person-centred approach to care

Our Complex Care training is patient centred and is devised to meet the needs of the client, their family and those involved with direct care. We work closely with our clients to provide a bespoke training package which offers a comprehensive person-centred service unique to each individual’s need; ensuring the care team have the knowledge and practical competence to provide safe and effective care.


Complex care begins with the human being, their strengths, and their goals, and influences their relationships and natural daily structures to heal and sustain them.


Complex care is delivered through interprofessional, non-traditional, and inclusive teams of medical, behavioural health, and social service providers, led by the individual themselves. An integral part of this team will be the training provider.

What we do

We begin by assessing the specific training elements required by reviewing the clients care plan and healthcare needs. We will liaise directly with the care provider, family members, clinical lead or the client themselves to develop a training program that is tailored specifically to the individual, this training program can then be adapted year to year as the needs of the individual change. By focusing on the individuals needs we are able to concentrate our efforts on ensuring the care team have the knowledge and practical competence to provide safe and effective person centred care with confidence.

The training package will be delivered at the appropriate level for those attending. This is often nurses, HCA’s, personal assistants, and family members.

The training includes competency assessments frameworks for all clinical practice and certification for the theoretical and practical skills taught. We also provide digital access to all instructional video and learning resources used during our training sessions for staff to reference at a later date if needed.

Complex Care

What is Complex Care?

It is a multi-faceted, person-centric approach to providing tailored care to individuals with inherently challenging and extensive medical needs.

Complex care works at the individual and systemic levels: it coordinates better care for individuals whilst reshaping access to services and healthcare. By better addressing complex needs, complex care can reduce unnecessary spending in both healthcare and social services sectors.

A significant advance in the management of complex care is the allocation and use of a Personal Health Care Budget. This is an agreed amount of money to support your health and wellbeing needs. A portion of this money is allocated to staff training to ensure the highest standards of care are delivered.

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