Training for Childcare Staff

We have highlighted a selection of topics specific to the training of childcare staff. This focussed group of courses will not only benefit staff in their day to day duties but will also enable them to provide a platform of support for children with specific needs.

Childcare is one of our core areas of training offered by Acute Training Solutions and our full range of topics can be found here. To book one of our training courses for childcare staff, call us on 02920 494 969 or email

Autistic Spectrum Disorder

The Autistic Spectrum Disorder training will enable delegates to differentiate between behaviours that arise from an individual’s personality or life experience and those that are directly due to their disability. The course looks into communication skills, the structure of teaching programs and offers practical ideas on how to deal with challenging behaviour with the purpose to improve support and reduce the stress levels of people with autism.


Learning Through Play

This Learning Through Play training course is designed for those working with children and young people in a variety of settings who wish to understand how to create stimulating learning environments with a variety of resources and developmental activities engineered through play.


Mental Health Awareness

This Mental Health Awareness training course is designed for healthcare professionals to understand the mental health spectrum, the impact and prevalence of mental health and dispels myths commonly associated with ill mental health in the workplace.


Paediatric First Aid

This Paediatric First Aid Course has been developed for those who are working with babies and children. This will be of particular interest to Child Minders, Crèche Assistants, Playgroup personnel and anyone responsible for youth organisations.


Paediatric Manual Handling

This Paediatric Manual Handling training course has been designed especially for staff working with the children in various settings such as nurseries, hospitals, residential and community settings, where the moving and handling of children and young people is part of the daily routine.


Risk Assessment in a Child Care Setting

This Risk Assessment in a Child Care Setting training course provides participants with the relevant knowledge, understanding and practical ability to conduct risk assessments appropriate to the child care setting, it promotes familiarity with the relevant health and safety legislation and highlights the risks associated with the working environment and client group.


Safeguarding of Adults

This Safeguarding Adults Training course is designed for anyone who has contact with the public and is a valuable training course for protecting those most susceptible to abuse. The course will raise awareness of different types of abuse and their signs, detail the correct reporting procedures and to prevent abuse wherever possible.


Safeguarding of Children

Staff who have a responsibility of caring for vulnerable children and young people need to understand the processes which aim to protect those in need.


Understanding & Working with Attachment Disorder

Children who suffer with attachment difficulties can present many challenges, due to their inability to form trusting relationships. Through our Attachment Disorder training course, practitioners will be given the opportunity to examine different techniques for working with children/adults who have experienced early trauma in their lives.


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