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This Root Cause Analysis course is designed for managers, deputy managers and team leaders’.

Root Cause Analysis is a structured facilitated team process to identify root causes of an event that resulted in an undesired outcome and develop corrective actions. The Root Cause Analysis process provides those with management responsibility, a way to identify breakdowns in processes and systems that contributed to the event and how to prevent future adverse events or improve the outcomes for performance improvement.

The purpose of an Root Cause Analysis is not to apportion blame, it is to find out what happened, why it happened, and determine what changes need to be made. It can be an early step in policy formation, untoward incident management and near miss management. It helps identify what needs to be changed to improve performance.

Attending this course will update your management theory skills and provide the opportunity to consider Root cause analysis as a problem solving tool within the work environment.

Course Summary

The syllabus covers such topics as:

  • Understanding the development of Root Cause Analysis
  • Defining Root Cause Analysis
  • Understanding the ‘5 Why Model’ and ‘The Fishbone Diagram’
  • Outline the Key benefits of Root Cause Analysis
  • Modelling and applying the problem-solving process
  • Applying examples and exercises
  • Considering policy application for managers

Face to Face Training

  • Max attendees: 15
  • Course length: 1 day

This course can be tailored to meet your specific requirements.


Webinar Training

  • Max attendees: 20
  • Single session: 5 hours (approximately)

Tutor lead webinars delivering theory based learning. Any practical elements are demonstrated via instructional videos.


Make an enquiry

To make a booking – or for further course details – please contact us on telephone: 029 20 494969. You can also write to us for more information about all of our healthcare training courses.